Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tool #10

Students should understand that a good digital citizen includes the safety measures that they need to take while using the digital world, the importance of making the right and appropriate decisions when they are using technology devices, and to be aware of the SBISD Acceptable Use Policy included in the student handbook. It is important to go over this policy so students will understand the consequences of violating this policy while performing inappropriate online activities.

There is a chart on the SBISD Ed Tech website (chart) with resources from Brain Pop, Cyberbee, Digizen, and CyberSmarth that provide information regarding Digital Citizenship.

I am planning on showing a Brain Pop lesson on Digital Citizenship and discuss several points during the lesson. In addition, students can take the practice quiz to evaluate if they understood characteristics of a Digital Citizenship. I also plan to ask the librarian about reviewing the same lesson/concept with a different resource in order to reinforce the same concept to ensure students understand the importance of making the right choices while using the digital world.

I think parents need to be aware of digital citizenship and understand the importance of online safety for the children. At the beginning of the school parents receive this information in the student handbook but it would be a good idea to include/review this information during our open house and/or our first newsletter to parents.

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