Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tool #7

Science Project: Biomes and Habitats

The earth has many different habitats and biomes forming complex communities of plants, animals, soil, temperature, and many other factors.

This project will be implemented at the beginning of the 3rd nine weeks. TSW identify the major biomes and habitats of the world and characteristics of each (4.9 A, B)

Students will research and visit websites to get information about each one of the biomes/habitats. These are only few websites students can visit for this project: MBG net http://www.mbgnet.net/; School Tube, World Biomes http://www.worldbiomes.com/ ; Discovery Education: Real World Science: Ecosystems and Biomes http://player.discoveryeducation.com/index.cfm?guidAssetId=2564D76A-96F1-4AC3-9323-C8CE8F684F99&blnFromSearch=1&productcode=US.

They also can use a variety of tools such as Google Doc spreadsheets or different graphic organizers to record, and compare and contrast information related to each one of the biomes. Once they become familiar with characteristics of a particular biome they can create different products/presentations/books using Web 2.0 tools. Skype could be an excellent way to share information as well as final products with other students/classrooms.

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